Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Runs House B)

ight i was looking at bet last nite and as you should know there was the hip hop awards ight and truct me this was the best award show i seen in a while next to the bet awards the vmas was ight though it got a lil boring bt anyway theres was the cypher thts like the most anticipated thing for the whole nite is the cypher we had so many people in the cypher it was crazy kanye was actually goin off the head though we had big sean pusha t prince wiz khalifa etc there was alot but the most memorable one was the son and father thing going on lol yes rev run diggy simmons and jojo simmons with ice cube and doughboy and lil ice ... diggy kileed it i only heard one of ice cubes sons they murdered it i just notice the nigga name is doughboy lol catchy but check it out though
im only 15 but i got a hot 16 lol

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  1. Im a lover of true hip hop and i must admit Diggy's verse on the Cypher was very impressive.