Friday, October 15, 2010

RooKies Of the Year

this is like the white version of Wiz though hes wit rostrum records he has a big buzz since his new mixtape came out KID kicking incredibly dope shyt check it out its more on a weed head level lol u kno he signed wit rostrum records same as Wiz and i kno when people see a white rapper the compare to eminem ,.....nah not this guy he doesnt do tht inspiration shidd like EM though he was jus in the new xxl were u kno the rookies are being noticed he comes all the way from Pittsburgh same as Wiz u could see him in some of Wixzs videos to like mesmorized uumm wat else o he was in kid frankie too check him out though im telling u hard beats hooks verses he can spit his ass off

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